3 Business Tools I Use (and always recommend to clients)

Natasha Shaw
November 28, 2021

I use a lot of useful tools in my day-to-day work, but these are the three I use that I also think are useful for my clients.



Although I am now looking at a more integrated client management and accounting system, I have been using Asana to manage multiple projects from start to finish. The great thing about the platform is that it’s easy to use and you can see all the stages and files of a project really clearly. No trailing through loads of emails trying to find stuff! My clients find it easy to get to grips with too and best of all it has a free plan that has most of what you need to get started.



Nobody likes visiting a site that takes forever to load (and Google isn’t a fan either!) so optimising all your website images is super important before you upload them. I can assure you this is a step so many people don’t know about or do, but it’s really simple! TinyPNG is great free tool, you simply drop your images into it and the tool compresses them for you into a smaller file size, without compromising on quality.



What is really great about Canva, is that it empowers non-designers to easily create graphics for their social channels and websites for free or for a low cost monthly fee for the Pro version. Of course, there is no substitute for professional design software and design knowledge, but Canva does make it accessible to produce fairly professional-looking graphics without you having to be super ‘techy’ or a designer.

written by
Natasha Shaw
I focus primarily on UX and UI design to help impact-driven businesses grow, with a healthy side dish of yoga and hot chilli sauce 🧡