3 Simple Design Tips to Help Improve Your Content

Natasha Shaw
July 27, 2020

A few small but powerful design basics can really improve a layout. You don’t have to be a designer to make use of them either!

How could we visually improve this design?


Contrast guides your eye to the key elements. Some ways in which you can use contrast are:

  • Dark/light image overlays
  • Font combinations (2 max)
  • Colour combinations
  • Size of different elements

Text Alignment

Centred text can sometimes be hard for the eye to follow, especially for paragraphs. Try aligning left or right instead to see the difference, or combine different alignments together.

Negative Space

Filling up space in your layout can make everything seem cluttered and unfocused. Create some ‘breathing’ room around your elements and see what a difference it makes!

The most important thing when implementing these in your work is consistency. Whatever you do, try to keep some kind of rhythm in your content layouts that fits with your brand identity.

written by
Natasha Shaw
I focus primarily on UX and UI design to help impact-driven businesses grow, with a healthy side dish of yoga and hot chilli sauce 🧡