CASE STUDY: Lara Eldridge Designs

Natasha Shaw
January 3, 2022

Lorena from Lara Eldridge Designs set up her own DIY website on Squarespace initially but wasn’t completely happy with it. She wasn’t confident that it was appealing enough to her ideal clients and she needed some help to make it visually appealing, whilst giving it a more commercial edge.

The Plan

I took the Lara Eldridge brand colour palette and made more use of that throughout the website. I also broke up the large blocks of text and images into more digestible sections to help visitors better understand her services and offerings. We worked on making the headings more SEO-friendly and refined the typography to make it easier to read and more visually appealing.

The Results

Here are some screenshots of pages from the Lara Eldridge website before and after the re-build.

BEFORE and AFTER - Home page

BEFORE and AFTER - Services page

Some simple but powerful changes can really transform the look and feel of your website leaving you with a professional on-brand result that you feel confident will appeal to your ideal clients.

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written by
Natasha Shaw
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