Mums for Lungs

The Project

Website Design

Mums for Lungs are a group of changemakers, based in London, who campaign for cleaner air for everyone.

The Challenges

πŸ‘Ž Their current website was not easy to read, mainly due to layout and text formatting.

πŸ‘Ž They were finding the website difficult to update on an older version of Squarespace

πŸ‘Ž Navigation was a bit confusing

πŸ‘Ž The design aesthetic was a bit amateurish and needed refining

The Solution

πŸ‘ We refined the site navigation to help website visitors find information more easily and used more Calls to Action throughout the site.

πŸ‘ I created clean and strategic page layouts which were easier to read and more SEO-friendly.

πŸ‘ I made more strategic use of the brand colour palette which was lacking in the original website.

πŸ‘ The site was re-built on Squarespace 7.1 which is much easier to use.

πŸ‘ I made sure the newsletter sign-up was prominent to encourage more sign-ups to the Mums for Lungs email list which is a key part of their marketing.

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